Case Study: Transformative Digital Solutions with Xebia|Xpirit

A Success Story

by Mario Mamalis

Our consultants were recently engaged in a project by a leading company in the life insurance industry. The mission was to develop a new API that would be used as an example of best practices and design patterns for all other APIs developed at the client. This was a unique opportunity for Xebia|Xpirit to actualize our core corporate values: building engineering cultures, sharing knowledge, quality without compromise, and fostering long-lasting client relationships.

Our client, a well-established entity, faced challenges due to its development team’s unfamiliarity with the latest technological trends. Sensing the need for strategic upgrades to stay competitive in the digital era, they called upon the expertise of Xebia|Xpirit.

Understanding the Challenge

The client had a robust team of developers who were eager to learn but found it challenging to stay abreast of the latest technological trends and best practices. While they had the experience and eagerness to learn, they struggled with the dynamic evolution of the tech industry.

We had a twofold challenge: to build a modern, scalable, and efficient API and to enrich the client’s development team’s knowledge base and skill set, bringing them in line with the latest industry standards.

Embarking on a Solution-Driven Path

In an era where change is the only constant, our team of three experienced consultants worked closely with the client to first understand their specific needs, strengths, and areas for growth. To set a solid foundation for scalable and maintainable future growth, the API was built using the principles of Clean Architecture, a set of best practices that ensure code is easy to understand, modify, and test.

To capitalize on the eagerness of the client’s team, every step of the API development process became a teaching moment. The knowledge sharing was done generously, focusing not only on the ‘how,’ but also the ‘why’ behind specific methods, technologies, and design patterns. This hands-on approach imbued the client’s development team with the confidence and knowledge to not just understand, but also to implement and maintain the systems on their own in the future.

The Azure Pivot and Quality Commitment

Our commitment to delivering uncompromising quality and the best fit solutions led the team to recommend a switch from a planned Azure deployment using Azure Kubernetes Services to Azure App Services. This pivot was not just a technological change, but a strategic decision that was influenced by the understanding of the client’s team capabilities and the specific technical requirements.

Instead of choosing a technology based on its popularity, our consultants recommended the best solution after meticulous evaluation of the client’s needs and capabilities as well as the application functional and technical requirements. This decision was backed by in-depth explanations and walkthroughs of potential benefits, ensuring the client stakeholders were not just accepting, but comprehending and championing this shift. This recommendation stood as a testament to Xebia|Xpirit’s adherence to our mantra: “Quality without Compromise.”

Outcomes and Beyond

The collaborative journey between Xebia|Xpirit and our client resulted in an effective, scalable, and maintainable API that will serve as a model for all future API builds. Beyond this technical success, the engagement was transformative for the client’s development team, who found themselves armed with contemporary knowledge, upgraded skills, and a newly found enthusiasm for embracing the changing technology landscape.

Thrilled with the outcome of the engagement, the client didn’t wait long to begin another project with Xebia|Xpirit. We are now gearing up to prepare them for an Azure Cloud Migration utilizing Azure Landing Zones, a clear demonstration of a burgeoning, long-lasting relationship founded on trust, respect, and shared success.


This engagement is a compelling testimony of how we at Xebia|Xpirit live our core values. We focus on more than just providing technological solutions; we believe in building engineering cultures that nurture continuous learning, sharing knowledge generously, ensuring quality without compromise, and building long-lasting relationships.

Our collaboration with the client validated our unique approach, and the success we achieved together reaffirms our role as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to leverage technology for growth and competitiveness. This success story reflects our unwavering commitment to be more than just consultants; we are educators, collaborators, and partners, dedicated to ensuring the success of our clients in the digital age.

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